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Bars and restaurants are not exempt from sexual harassment and assault.

Alcohol serving establishments like bars and restaurants are not exempt from sexual harassment and assault. Although alcohol does not cause sexual assault, it is used as a weapon to perpetrate and as a camouflage of sexual assault. Therefore, given the perceived relationship between alcohol and sexual assault, it is vital that we build a safer bar and restaurant culture that does not tolerate harassment or assault. According to statistics from the US Department of Labor, there are approximately 113,000 Philadelphians working as cooks, waiters, bartenders, managers, chefs, dishwashers and other staff at alcohol serving establishments throughout the city. Imagine if all of those individuals were equipped with the knowledge and skill to intervene during instances of sexual violence…

Safe Bars training is a program that has been developed for local bars, restaurants, and other alcohol-serving establishments that trains staff to develop better skills and strategies for preventing sexual harassment. Alcohol-serving establishments can use bystander intervention skills to better manage sexually aggressive behaviors and ultimately, prevent sexual assault. These skills should be supported by pro-bystander and anti-sexual harassment and assault policies for management, staff and patrons.

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Become a leader in your industry and be known for actively reducing the risk of sexual harassment and assault in Philadelphia by becoming a Certified SAFE BAR.

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WOAR supports the city of Philadelphia by training bars and restaurants to maintain a safer and respectful atmosphere that allows patrons to not only enjoy themselves but always want to come back to our Safe City!