Places of higher learning like colleges and universities are not free from sexual assault.

In fact, they can be centers of this kind of violence and as a result experience many difficulties curtailing it. Philadelphia is home to more than 450,000 college students, making it the fourth largest student hub in a metropolitan area in the country. Sexual harassment and assault can take different forms on college campuses compared to other communities, but neither should be tolerated. An estimated 20% of women and 6% of men nationwide have experienced at least one attempted or completed sexual assault since entering college. Imagine how many students could be helped if they were protected by better trained campus security, resident advisors and other officials…

Safer City Philadelphia College and University’s training is a program that has been developed for local colleges and universities to work in tandem with WOAR and share responsibility while developing better skills and strategies for preventing sexual assault on campus, including implementing a coordinated response to reporting. Additionally, students can learn helpful skills to know when to safely practice bystander intervention and reporting. Campuses with specially trained campus security, police, housing officials and resident advisors can better address the issues of sexual violence to protect their students.

WOAR wants to support the city of Philadelphia by training our prestigious colleges and universities to maintain a safe and collaborative environment for students, teachers and visitors to feel comfortable speaking up and stepping in. Philadelphia is a wonderful place to learn and also a Safer City to learn!

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