It is unfortunate that sexual predators and sex traffickers sometimes use hotels to recruit and exploit victims. Additionally, housekeepers and staff of hotels may be victims of sexual assault perpetrated upon them by hotel guests. There are many challenges faced when combating sexual violence, human trafficking and sexual exploitation in the hospitality industry. Putting an end to sexual violence in hospitality requires skilled advocates, a well trained staff and a conscious effort from management, staff and guest/clients of the establishment.

Safe City will lead the charge in ensuring that Philadelphia’s hospitality industry is among one of the most skilled, equipping them with the tools to safely intervene when one suspects a potential sexually violent or trafficking situation is occurring, identify potential human trafficking situations or report potential sexual violent or a human trafficking occurrence. Additionally, housekeeping staff will be trained to alert hotel management when they suspect that a co-worker is being harassed or victimized.

Additionally, under the umbrella of WOAR- Philadelphia Center Against Sexual Violence, Safe City will be able to provide services to individuals that are victims of sexual violence.

Ways that Safe City will impact the Hospitality Industry:

  1. Training – Safe City curriculum will be implemented.
  2. Take Action –  bystander training will include information on strategies to identify those at risk, understand predatory behaviors and intervene with effective, creative responses that will contribute to greater public awareness
  3. Resources
Human Trafficking Victims Identified In 2017
Trackers Identified
Reported Rapes In 2017